Wildemere Beach Association
P.O. Box 2292, Milford, Connecticut, 06460

2004 Board of Directors

Name              Office          Committee(s)
Michael Zabinski  President       Park        
Michael Lyngaas   Vice President  Bylaws, City Hall
Lynn Garand       Treasurer       Social, Publicity,
Jane Hoover       Secretary       Stowe Farm, Park
Barbara Coppeto   Member          Erosion
John Gallup       Member          Zoning
Carol Klingele    Member          Social, Erosion
Francis Altieri   Alternate       Walnut Beach
Connie Pino       Alternate       Publicity, Membership
Robert Rudd       Alternate       Public Works, 
                                  Community Development

Dates to Save
Board meeting:     March 22, 7:30pm. 
General meeting:   April 21, 7pm.

Notices Please send in your $20.00 annual dues.

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