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  Minutes Wildemere Beach Association Board Meeting Feb 11, 2004

Minutes Wildemere Beach Association Board Meeting Feb 11, 2004


·        Meeting 7:00 pm at Jane’s house

·        New Board – Francis Altieri (alternate), Barbara Coppeto, Lynn Garand, John Gallup,

                            Jane Hoover, Carol Klingele, Mike Lyngaas, Connie Pino (alternate),

                             Bob Rudd (alternate), Mike Zabinski

     Absent at the meeting:  Francis, Carol, Bob, and Connie.

     New officers:  President - Mike Zabinski

                             Vice President - Mike Lyngaas

                             Treasurer - Lynn Garand

                             Secretary - Jane Hoover


Committees Assignments:

·        Publicity and membership: Jane, Lynn and Connie

·        Bylaws: Mike Lingaas   Elections procedures need to be updated.

·        Mayor’s office: Mike Z. and Mike L

·         Zoning: John Gallup

·        Public Works and Community development: Bob Rudd

·        Erosion: Barbara Coppeto

·        Park: Mike Z

·        Social: Lynn

·        Stowe Farm: Jane

·        Walnut Beach Association: Francis attend meetings


      Other Business:

·        Board meeting approx. every 2 mos. or as needed. 2004 Gen’l meetings: Jan. (elections), April 21, Sept. picnic, Oct., Dec. holiday party and New Year’s eve.

·        Send $50 gift certificate to Michael DelVecchio for his generous help.

·        Jane will check with Barb Carissimi re: telephoning


·        Need for publicity to increase membership

·        Create list of board members and send to all members-include committee chairs.

·        Letter from Marcia Ivers re: association tag sale (suggest $5/table), beach clean up, and Blue Fish ball game. No dates chosen. WBNA supports Marcia’s proposals.

·        Carol Klingele will continue to arrange with church re: use of church for picnic and mtgs. Lynn Garand will continue to help her with the arrangements for social activities.

·        Suggestions: invite aldermen to assoc. mtgs.

·         Involve members in committees

·        Mike Z proposed possible items for future consideration:

Speeding on Broadway, park and banners, parking on Broadway especially close to Naugatuck Av, Raps trucks parked on Broadway, flooding in front of the park (Wildemere & Broadway), real estate property tax revaluation, possible speakers or guests for membership meeting (police, erosion, alderman), WBNA web page, e-mail membership list.


·        Next board meeting will either be March 9th or 22 at Jane’s house. Mike Z will call board members.

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